West Sealand International works at the highest level to provide a range of security expertise, services and insight for clients around the globe.

We are especially proud of a track record based on acquiring most of our projects through word-of-mouth recommendation. In our view, satisfied clients willing to connect us with their contacts are the highest accolade we could aim for.

Our Mission Statement is a simple, but crucially important sentence, based on the same dictionary definition of ‘trust’……

We will do the right thing for you by applying our specialist knowledge and skills in an assured, reliable, ethical, and effective way.

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trust:verb, to be sure that they will do the right thing, that they are good and honest and will look after someone or something because you believe they will be careful. (Oxford English Dictionary)

As a comprehensive, small team of experts around the world, we are able to provide our services and skills in an agile, responsive and effective way which larger organisations struggle to match.

The basis of our operation also means maximum cost-effectiveness for our clients, whether that specialism relates to single incident VIP protection or all encompassing in-depth planning for an entire Safe City facility

West Sealand International builds relationships on trust. Whether our clients need VIP protection or emergency evacuation (link Protection) assistance with fusion intelligence or incident response planning (link Risk Consulting) and training – to name just a few of our specialist skills areas – our organisation can be relied upon to deliver.

We epitomise the dictionary definition of ‘certainty, assurance, belief, credence and reliance.’

Our crisis management ability is in particular demand.

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Intelligent. adjective, having or showing intelligence (noun, the intellect, the wisdom), especially of a high level. Oxford English Dictionary

Our organisation is meticulous throughout and dedicated to sourcing the brightest and the best in their field as and when needed, in addition to the permanent global team.

As a boutique provider, we have highly-detailed knowledge of the skills and strengths of each and every member of our team and full confidence in their ability to deliver. The end result for our clients is a level of success, effectiveness and professionalism rarely found elsewhere.

Our all-encompassing ability also includes the creation of safe city planning and infrastructure  and procurement.

We value maturity and life skill, with several of our senior directors having had first-hand experience in their main area of expertise: It is a ‘ground-level upwards’ approach that ensures our project teams have a thorough grasp of each and every aspect of the work.

The benefit for our clients, is that we foresee any issues, are agile enough to avoid them or resolve them quickly and can ensure that our involvement results in a totally positive outcome. WSI also puts confidentiality at the heart of all of our efforts and, with a relatively small organisation, it is possible to ensure this applies constantly.

Individually-tailored solutions are at our core. Contact us to discuss your requirements and for any assistance which does not fall within the usual definitions. We would be happy to consider how we can help:

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Security. Noun, a secure condition or feeling, a thing that guards or guarantees the safety of a state, company, etc., against espionage, theft or other danger. Oxford English Dictionary

With our global perspective, West Sealand International is fully equipped to offer a full range of services and consultancy anywhere in the world.

We have specialist insight relating to the more usual corporate bases, together with those requiring a thorough understanding of how they function.

West Sealand International is an amalgamation of skills including bases in Denmark, New York and Saudi Arabia, with office headquarters in Guernsey, Channel Islands.

We have consultants globally in all major jurisdictions.

Our team members are all leading authorities in their field, often having reached that position through initial first-hand knowledge of working at ground level. This experience and perspective provides an incomparable platform on which to build our specialist skills.

Please contact us to see how we can assist you, wherever you are and whatever you need help with.


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